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Explosive is a magazine cater to aspiring models, exotic cars, expensive wine, and etc.  I hope you all will love the Explosive experience.  Thanks for being apart of our dream.

Deric Van is a photographer and CEO of the Explosive Magazine for aspiring models. Deric Van is a professional in all forms: EXPLOSIVE Magazine (ISSN 2164-960X) in Quarterly publication. We are constantly forming new industry relationships, gathering new information and advising models on navigating this very large and competitive industry. We hope the following information will help you find the answers to some of your questions and provide the advice you need to successfully market yourself.

***Models can make submissions for the magazine at explosive_magazine@yahoo.com; Deric Van will contact you back asap***

Give the issues 6 weeks to get to your home when you order.....

Deric Van, CEO of Explosive Magazine